US Open 2007

My 1992 US Open win….and my transition from high school dweb to pro snowboarding spazz.

So, here is the deal……the main reason I am a snowboarder and basically am who I am today is because of this little event called The US Open. I grew up skiing at Stratton, and nineteen years ago I stood on the sidelines of the US Open awed and inspired by this cutting edge new sport; a sport at which that point I still wasn’t even sure was called snowboarding, there seemed to be a dispute going on between other spectators as to whether it was skiboarding or just plain burtonboarding. I was so inspired by the event and the people in it that I decided then and there that I would compete in it the following year despite the fact that I had never made a single turn on a snowboard. The following year, I dropped in to my first US Open and eighteen years later I sit here as excited as ever about the opportunity to compete in yet another US Open, to be a competitor in the event that has stood the test of time, in a sport that chews through fads at lighting speed. Since that day in 1988, when I decided to embark on this snowboarding mission I have seen this sport change from outcast to mainstream, trends have come and gone and come back again, I have seen groms grow into legends, and legends grow into obscurity. Halfpipes have gone from knee high hand dug ditches to 22-foot machine buffed beauties but the energy of the US Open has always remained the same. That same heart and soul I witnessed as a kid on the sidelines has continued to awe and inspire me and draws me back each and every year for another run and another year of US Open madness. I am so stoked to share this years experience with you, hopefully I can do this event justice and you can experience a glimpse of the magic this event has through this silly ass blog…t

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