Top Ten Travel Photos…….. well the best ones I have on my computer at this moment.

Being pro shredders and all we have this tendency to travel a lot, we follow the snowfall and the contest circuit, go on photo shoots and attend design meetings and then of course there is that end of the season trip to warmer weather. All of this traveling sounds exotic and awesome to my desk jockey friend, and it is, but there are many moments spent in the in between; these photos are just a few of the many pictures I have taken that document our life on airplanes and in airports on our way to somewhere awesome.

This is one of my favorite photos, my desktop photo actually. I took this on my way to Bachelor for last years Olympic Qualifiers, I love the stormy Oregon sky and mount Hood illuminated in the background.

Another day on the Tarmac Jack Mitrani, Scotty Lago, Dingo and Danny(i think) on our way to Denver.

Zurich Flughafen, Danke

Rain in the city.

Another roadside attraction, scotland 2006.

My friend was saying you know you travel a lot when flying above the clouds ceases to impress you. I am still impressed so I guess I have miles to go before I sleep or something like that.


Coming home, maybe not my best travel photo but there is something about the final descent lap over Greenwich, that makes me happy to be home again, at least for a little while.

Upright and locked position.

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