Mundaka Spain Billabong Pro…Surf Stop or Art Adventure?

Guess what? I am here at the Billabong Pro in Mundaka Spain and round two has been put on hold. What? Why? How? You ask….well, I am no surfer and admittedly know little about the whole surf scene but I have been around enough to know that when the bay looks like a lake you can’t really surf it, unless you are being towed behind a boat on a big ass surf board, which is exactly how Joel Parkinson spent his afternoon. Well some of it, prior to that he and fellow Aussi Occhy were stand up paddle surfing some of the smallest waves I have ever seen; the wake from the fishing boats heading out to sea left bigger waves. Anyway, after wandering aimlessly around this sleepy fishing village and drinking one to many café con leches, Greenwood and I ventured southish to the city of Bilbao to check out the Guggenheim Museo. Museo, means Museum in Spanish and is the fifth Spanish word I can say in complete confidence so bare with me, I promise the next time I come to a Spanish speaking country I will know more than Hola, Cafe con leche and Museo. Until then, here are some of what we saw before at the Museo before the security guards gave us the big NON….

Guggenheim Bilbao-The building alone is worth the trip, it is a total mind melter as to how Frank O. Gehry came up with the plan not to mention how the heck this thing is standing upright, it seems to defy gravity inside and out.

This whole creepy flower dog kind of grew on me but I still can’t decide if a gigantic dog made of flowers is something I am totally into.

You’ve got to love contemporary/modern art, sometimes you are like “oh that’s clever” and sometimes you are like”WHAAAT?” and Modern art makes it kind of easy to draw the line between love and hate, or more like, art and crap. You decide, two giant red statues of venus de milo with transformer legs, art or crap?

Greenwood, getting all deep and meaningful as he watches the laser light show that represents all that is the true essence of light hence energy hence life…..hmmm, the whole Guggenheim building and permanent collection beg the question, to drop acid or to not drop acid? To shroom or not to shroom? You decide

I never did get a great shot of the building but you get the idea. Hopefully a swell will come through Mundaka and I will have actual stuff to write about so you won’t be subjected to more of my random musings……xoxo t

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