Balinese Scooterin’ Mission

Ulu Watu on a mellow board snappin’ reefy day

With Fall officially upon us and winter about to rear it’s frigid icy cold head I decided to head to Bali for a last minute trip to the sun and sand despite the fact that I neither tan nor surf but apparently like flying in the upright and locked position A LOT. Not sure if you know this but Bali is like really, really, really far away and then just a little bit farther than that.  But like all weary travelers know once you arrive at your destination the journey suddenly becomes this distant memory of shitty food, crappy movies and a dull aching in your neck and given the fact that Bali is a tropical paradise that sits in the Indian Ocean made it that much easier to forget how very far I had traveled.



For those of you that have never been to Bali it is everything you have read about; beautiful beaches, beautiful friendly people, fresh fruit, nutty monkeys and all the good stuff you come to expect from a tropical paradise sort of a location. But there are the things they forget to mention or you fail to see in the postcards, for one this place is a scooterin’ nation, and there are absolutely no rules to the road except honk your horn a lot and smile when you do and when you get a DUO massage you might leave feeling just a little bit violated….yipes. And for the record having you hair pulled seems to be part of the Balinese massage treatment as does getting poked and prodded in places the bathing suit covers. Anyway, back to the Scooterin’, we are officially dropping the G in an attempt to make this mode of transportation sound just slightly more silly and more fun to say…..go ahead say out loud scooterin’ scooterin’ scooterin’ feel like a sissy yet?!

Family Style
So here’s the deal, when you drive in Bali there are literally a zillion scooters going every which way with at least three people to a bike, babies sleeping on the handle bars, women balancing baskets on their heads, grannys zig zagging around. So we decided to rent a few for ourselves and give ‘er a whirl. Now the beauty of renting motorized vehicles in other countries is that you basically hand over the money they hand over the keys, no signatures no rules just meet me back here tomorrow to return it.

The other beauty about renting scooters in a foreign country is the rando assortment of helmets that get to grace your head. As if scootein’ alone was not lame enouht you get to don a helmet that has been worn by countless others and these helmets smell suspiciously like the inside of a pair of well worn snowboard boots. iiiiick, I later realized why they smell so rancid as i left mine dangeling the handle bars in a mini monsoon, which made for an extra awesome ride home. Safety frst of of course, even if you do smell like a super safe wet sock. These pictures don’t do it justice but Gretchen’s do so check out her profile for complete laughter and complete gaper helmet photos….
Ahhhhh another day frolicking in paradise with everyone else…the other beach experience in Bali.
Anyway, here is a smattering of photos from the rest of the trip, beaches, rice paddies etc stuff you should all see for yourselves and like I said bewarey of the DUO massage….
Surf and scooters

Indo Boat trips-KP and Chotell

Sunrises over the rice paddies of Ubud

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