Dew Tour+East Coast Ice Storm=wicked ahwsome pissah doode

Flat light and freezing Rain….nothing says east coast contest like a little sleet.


Well, the Dew Tour has made it’s way back east to Mount Snow, Vermont, and although it missed the ice storm of the century by a few weeks the contest managed to arrive just in time for your standard east coast “wintery mix”. For those of you who have never ventured back east mid winter or weren’t lucky enough to grow up here, it is not exactly what it sounds….to me wintery mix sounds like a bag of pepperment candies with various frostings, or a compilation cd with festive holiday cheer, not like a mix of stones and ice pelts that ping off your face and make your goggles glazed over with unscrappable ice. But ahhhh, wintery mix it is, a delicious mix of winters most unfavorable elements…cold, sleet, rain, wind and a smattering of snow…..and just in time for one of the biggest events of the year…DEW, DEW, DEW, DEW..DEW..wicked ahhhsome dooode.


Chanelle Sladics and Marie France-Roy covered in Vermont’s “wintery mix”


Anyway, the festivities kick off tomorrow, here are a few photos that I snapped before my hand got pelted with ice back into it’s toasty mitten. Stay tuned for more awesomenesss times dew


Danny Davis looks at the pipe through Beer Goggles, very popular among the Vermonters…


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