Dew Tour to European Open….


Gotta Love the ice shields of the east, I scratched out a hole just big enough to see out of for the 6am airport run.

When people ask me to choose between Choice A and Choice B I generally say both….I not only want to have my cake and eat it too but I also want it covered in ice cream, I want to ride powder and pipe in the same day and I often wish I could be at two places at the same time which makes for some drawn out pathetic back and forth decision making sessions, with lots of coin tossing and calls to all my friends and my pyschics too. Simply put I don’t want to miss a minute of anything and kinda want it all… is that so bad? In yet another attempt to be in the same place at the same time and do a little bit of everyting I have just arrived in Switzerland, a little contest hop from the Dew Tour in Vermont to the European Open. A New Year sampling of contests and friends, icy east coast roads and friendly airlines employees after the holiday season….here are a few snaps of my mission to and fro…

Steve Fisher get’s his party on before the party…
Steve and I went to this Toyota Party at the Dew Tour, with “in early, out early” being our motto but in classic party fashion if you go early it doesn’t get good until you are ready to leave. So I made him stay out past his bedtime on contest night….sure hope he made finals so I don’t feel badly….but look how fun it looks.



brownchickenbrowncow… people getting their grind on..
In reality none of these parties are that much fun because they are generally held the night before the contest and all the ragging party animals are fast asleep in the beds preparing for their 8am starts……jokes people, don’t get all upset, sponsor parties are fun and not all of those dudes turn into saucemonsters.

Wilkommen…..let the birthday bash begin..
The European Open is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary so I will be blogging about all things fondu and fanny pack and be sure to check out the Live Webcast starting Wednesday…..xoxo tricia



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