European Open’s Birthday Bash

Kjersti wishing the European Open a happy 10th birthday

Tra la la la la…’s the 10th anniversary of the European Open and so we have come over to Europe to celebrate ten years of contests done right and parties done right. It always amazes me that the European culutre in general is a party that pretty much goes from noon til well 5 Am-ish or so and they are never afraid to be in the disco fully suited up in rear entry boots and one pieces suits, rolled down of course, for maximim breathability on the dance floor. And as far as contests, the riders are always stoked to be here, they’re really well taken care of with all meals, housing, drinks and parties covered and mulitple days of practice to boot.

Transworld’s Annie Fast and Christie Chaloux with Jamie Anderson and me or is it I …

Anyway, it’s game on for the European Open, Pipe semi’s were today and most of your usual favorites are in there with Kevin Pearce and Kelly Clark winning semi’s so ya know ……expect awesomeness in the finals and expect awesomeness tomorrow during full slope semis and finals dealio. Until then here’s a smattering of swiss photos and lovely vistas and stuff….watch the webcast,…xoxox t


Laserbaking Euro style…


Ooohhh la la


Everyday I take this final run of hell, so icy, so many gapers, myself included but also so beautiful, or at least until the sun goes down and then it’s super duper sketchy.

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