X-games, European Open and Beyond….and Stuff

On a flight head for the big apple and the uber insanity of the Red Bull Snowscrapers event in lower Manhattan….and as on all flights I embark upon these days I have spent the majority of it staring at the seatback in front of me wondering who I am, what I am doing and why it is that I have yet to replace the ipod I left on an airplane months ago. In all of this music free head space, I have decided to write a much overdue blog about nothing in particular but packed full of my favorite photos from the Burton European Open, X-games and a smattering of other random things I think might be mildy entertaining and at the very least will kill some of this travel time…

So, it was the Tenth anniversary of the Burton European Open this year and in the fashion of all good parties Burton brought out some classic shredders. Nicola Thoast competed and ended up 4th or 5th or something ridiculous with a revamped version of her 98 Olympic Gold Medal run which is kinda awesome. And Kelly was stoked to shred with one of her idols…

KP Winning his second European Open in a row, gotta love people who know how to shred and who know how to win in a gracious and super stoked fashion. Mens pipe riding needs a smidge more gratitude and groundedness if you ask my opinion…..and if you’ve made it this far in my blog I am just assuming you are…

For those of you who don’t know Drew Stevens, allow me to introduce you to the man who single handedly gets the party started and finished at the European Open…..which if you’ve been to Europe and experienced any version of  apres-ski you understand is a very big deal. He is also the owner of some pretty sweet stripper moves which he is in the middle of demonstrating in this photo….

Kelly celebrating her second back to back win at the European Open as we shred down the worlds longest and potentially sketchiest run at sunset….

Gotta love Switzerland and their anti gun laws….I was bummed I couldn’t bring my brass knuckles to Ed Leigh and Ray Ray Love’s “We’ve Got Balls” soccer match. Although, I’m quite sure nothing would have helped out our team. We got slaughtered and even Drew (pictured above) recovering from his hangover kicked our asses….all for a good cause of course…

And for the golden shoe too……but that goes without saying..
And on to the X-games….after leaving Europe and an event that is all about snowboarding and partying we headed home to Aspen and home of the worlds most X-treme-ness-ish-esqu-oarama event. Where “regular” reporters use words like “gnar” and “shred” and of course X-treme with an X…Gretchen get’s ready to talk “shred” with another anchor douche….i mean dude.

Here is the majority of the X-games girls…..getting…well X-treme of course. I have one of these from every X-games which I need to compile at some point…

Lizzy Beerman and Ellery Hollingsworth, night finals fun…..for more photos from X click here and stay tuned for NYC Reb Bull Awesomeness which will, of course, be live on GO211 Thursday night…..xoxoxo t


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