NYC Red Bull Snowscrapers Jumpity Jump Jump

When I was packing for my trip to NYC for the Red Bull Snowscrapers event I made a conscience decision to not pack winter shoes, not that that’s all that surprising since pretty much no matter what the season I am always in a pair of slip on vans with a few peep toe holes, which some might say are not the most practical winter shoes but seriously, it’s Manhattan, and as far as I can remember it doesn’t really snow here. Well unless of course you expect it not to snow…Needless to say, it did snow and it was sloppy but I’m sure the Red Bull SnowScrapers crew was stoked for the cold weather and the added help in the snow department… are a few preliminary photos of the Frank Wells snowpark creation that T.Rice, P.Moore and the boys will be hitting Thursday night, which you of course can watch live on go211…

Red Bull cat in full effect Tuesday afternoon getting ready for tonights practice…

Apparently this is a “back country” hip jump design where riders will be going 5stories high….gotta love inner-city shred


Aahhh the Williamsburg Bridge….perfect for all the hipsters to totally not care that this is going on across the river.

Snow makes for some pretty artsy shots in Tribeca
Peace……xoxoxoxox t


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