Red Bull Snowscrapers….Game On

A view from the top of the jumpity jump
So today’s the day…NYC is about embrace a whole new kind of urban shredding, no more of the old kink rail to flat it’s time for a “back country” jump measured in stories and not feet. Yesterday, in the East River park onlookers watched as Frank Wells and the Snowpark Technologies crew turn scaffolding into a snowy jump or dare I saw icy jump…. only problem was that when practice everntually rolled around the massive 9 story high run in wasn’t creating enough speed. I mean the guys where clearing it but the structure is so big that they look really small and so do thier airs. I didn’t stay the whole practice so I am hoping it got better and am sure it will be awesome and all that postive stuff tonight but there was a general sense of “hmmmm……where did we go wrong and how can we fix this in the next 12 hours” along with a “how the eff is it so cold in this city”.

9 stories is almost enough speed to clear it

Frends Jack Mitrani and Scotty Lago getting ready to get all urban shred and stuff

It’s gonna be a cold one tonight, so curl up and enjoy it on the web, we go live at 3ish and I will be doing my first live to the crowd announcing so ummmm….yeah the stupid shit I say will be echoing throught the streets of New York, do forgive me…..xoxoxox t

T.Rice is the mini shredder in the lights…..see what I’m talking about

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