An Ode to Summers in Oregon…..or something like that.

Instead of writing some sort of whimsical rosy mid summer testimony to the long days and adventures that only hot sunny summer days and cool breezy summer nights can inspire, I thought I’d ease back into this whole blog making business by posting a bunch of photos that try to say the same thing….Which is basically that….
•    Oregon is a magical beautiful place, especially the small town of hood river filled with all it’s fruit bearing trees and people who live in the goodness of their gardens.
•    At the end of a 100 degree day, nothing feels quite as good as a swim in the icy, cold waters of a river, even if you do have to fling yourself awkwardly off a scratchy rope swing or hold on to your bathing suit as countless lookers on watch you jump of a cliff.
•    Unless of course it’s a icy cold mint julep in a mason jar shared with friends.
•     Cloud filled skies and scorched earth make for a cool roadside attraction.
•    and good friends make all these things better.
may all your summers be as rich and full of color, flavor and friendship that mine has been so far…xoxo t

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