Sunup Sundown……New Zealand 2009


Sunsets over the Cardrona Valley, NZed Mate…..

I have just returned from my shortest trip to New Zealand ever, a solid six days on the ground and what felt like a hundred in the air getting to and fro in the upright and locked postion courtesy of Air New Zealand. Despite the creeks in the neck and the swelling of the cankles New Zealand was still worth all the trouble to get there and lucky for us our jet lag actually worked in our favor for the 5am webcast wakeup calls. Usually, when you travel across the globe you want to sleep at ridiculously early hours and you need to fight that urge so you don’t wake up at 4am bright eyed bushy tailed. Now I’m not saying it was all that easy to venture out into the cold and start setting up the webcast before the sun came up and to tear it down as the sun went down every night but at least we all had our allotted 8 hours of sleep and we got to enjoy both sunrise and sunset over the Cardrona Valley everyday and as I am now looking thought my photos and realize those are the only photos I took and pretty much the only thing I saw outside of the webcast.




So yeah, the webcast. For those of you who missed it, check out the replay today and tomorrow because it’s pretty much the craziest contest to date and is a mini sneak preview to the awesomeness of this upcoming Olympic Season. Shaun claimed it was the heaviest contest he’s ever been to and I am still amazed at what a little Olympic pressure and a smidgen of competitiveness can do for the progression of a sport. At the end of last year, ya know like 3 months ago a few people were hucking doubles in the pipe…maybe….it was kind of a third run in finals sort of trick….fast forward to the New Zealand Open and there are a slew of top riders who all of a sudden have not one but two double corks in their runs on lock. Louie Vito did one in Semis, Luke Mitrani and Shaun White did a two huge ones each in finals and I think the world of snowboarding just tinkled themselves. There were a lot of riders scratching their heads thinking ummm okay so that’s what it’s gonna take now, maybe I’ll go film this winter. Or like, ummm okay so my back to back 1080’s aren’t even podium worthy. So yeah, this trip to New Zealand was full of sunrises and sunsets and both on and off the hill…..cheesy? I know but I am still functioning with a heavy layer of jetlag fog so enjoy the photos and watch the webcast…xoxox t


Women’s Podium….Kelly Clark’s huge airs and the Chinese girls rotations were equally as impressive as the double corks well almost….


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