The New in New York City

Once upon a time, in a land not that far away there was a down and dirty nitty gritty city whose nittiest and grittiest part was a place called Times Square. But now in our new age of “everything the sameness”, all dirt and grime and hookers and crack heads are in another galaxy far far away, or something like that. Last week I was in New York City and it felt sorta like every other city USA… well, not exactly but they have closed down a few streets that run right through Times Square and put up red starbucksy tables and chairs for day and night people watching. In doing so, they drove out all the fun, crazy, cracked out people to watch and brought in all the overweight midwesterness in kahki’s and college tees. In an attempt to sound not so harsh starbucksy-ness is still fun and Times Square itself is pretty fun to watch. photo

kelly Clark and I enjoying the newness of New York……


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