Chateau MoulinSitting backwards on the TGV heading to Paris…slightly nauseous, yes, but more than anything, traveling at high speeds always makes me feel more like I’m leaving one place rather than heading towards another. A sort of bittersweet farewell, looking back instead of forward and the sense of things passing you by unawares. Either way, I’m on my way. I’ve spent the last few days savoring the loveliness of the Savoie, with it’s well traveled roads that wind through hillside vineyards and small lumbering villages under the watchful eye of ancient looming castles.  Aaah Oui Oui the beauty of France.

IMG_8345 Baquettes anyone? Two little monsieurs with their fresh baquettes from the local boulangerie

Two of my most fabulous friends, Mark and Natasha, opened up their French countryside villa to me for a few days of relaxation, wine tasting, cards, books, cycling and gigantic fires that warm your wintery soul back to it’s happy place. And thanks to their fires and hospitality, mine is good and happy. I meant to take a zillion photos of their impressive estate complete with a classic wine cave full of the tastiest French wines but by the picked myself up from in front of the fire and the sun came out, my battery died and I was on my way to Paris. So these few snaps will have to do but I am all charged up and ready for the city of lights……

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