City of Lights

Last week I was in Paris for a little “get away from my own insanity” vacation. Of course, the only problem with vacationing to get away from your own insanity is that generally you bring it with you. Wandering the streets of Paris under cloudy skies and darkened evenings with old friends does seem to shake the everyday doldrums and banishes the sense that anything in your life is all that important. So I guess it did the trick, along with the French wines, gin martinis and a little musee d’orsay.

The sun sets on another famous monument turned congested roundabout

the old and the new of the Louvre

French Carousel…kinda creepy, kinda cool.

andrew bird at casino de Paris.

One of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen. He has this mind melting recording contraption type set up that allows him to record live tracks that he loops and keeps adding and adding to and…..i am absolutely not doing it justice. So, if you have the chance to see him, DO. If for no other reason than to see him whistle, that alone will melt your mind.

PS. Who knew the violin could sound so cool?

musee d’orsay

I love the largeness and smallness of this old train depot and the fact that it’s the home to so many of my favorite Degas’s.

art as a caged bird….

sabrina and le metro

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