Dumpster Diving

’tis the season….we’re officially in the midst of the Christmas season, with all its bells and whistles and holiday gadgets screaming out to you from advertisements, catalogs, pop ups and store front windows to consume, consume, consume, buy, buy, buy. It’s the commercialization of Christmas and the “if you truly are a good mother/daughter/father/son/aunt/uncle/brother/sister you will buy that overpriced Susie-craps-a-lot for your kids who already have more than they need” time of year. Hey you! I’ve got a little Christmas Pie for ya!

Now, of course everyone doesn’t partake in the consumerism of Christmas and I’m always hearing stories about people sponsoring less fortunate families with gifts from Santa, and families that work at Soup Kitchens on Christmas to provide meals for the hungry. Seeing as how I have never spent my holiday doing anything other than selfishly snowboarding or tearing through mounds of gifts under the tree, I thought I’d start a new trend this year and give back to the homeless. But with food and gifts already taken care of there wasn’t much left for me to give, which kinda got me wondering. What could I give that would truly make a difference this holiday season? And then it just hit me as I was sucking back my fourth drink of the night, talking to a particularly foul smelling young lad who happened to be roaming the area in search of housing and work, why not offer up my bed and breast for one evening of sleep (or not), to give the homeless, and people for that matter, what they are truly looking for this holiday season….a shallow fleeting version of love and a night off the streets and between the sheets. Charity never felt so good…


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