It’s On…..

The girls get all game on for a cold qualifier….Clarko, Laney and Gretchen

After eight months of anticipation and chatter about what’s gonna happen, who’s gonna make it and how many double corks we’re gonna see, it’s finally here….the first Olympic qualifier. And in true contest fashion we’ve had a few days of perfect weather and perfect pipes for qualification heats to tempt and tease their little hearts and now that it’s finals day the flat light and flurries have reappeared. Not to worry though, the level of calmness and collectedness amongst all these riders has been beyond impressive, yesterday’s Mens qualifiers was jam packed with near perfect riding from some of our favorite loose cannons. I won’t name any names but compared to the last few Olympic qualifiers it’s pretty impressive; of course everything could change up today and in the weeks ahead as people brains start to over think all that Olympic glory shite….but let’s hope all the ladies land their inverts and stomp their 9’s, and all the boys ride as flawlessly as they have all week, with their back to back doubles, easy 10’s and stylie 9’s. I am gonna attempt to do a twitter blow by blow so if you’re interest follow along and pray for webcasts funding in 2010. Happy hunting….

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