Contests and Christmas Sweaters…

It’s finally beginning to snow here in Colorado and hopefully this time around it will amount to more then just dust on crust. The last two Christmases, we’ve been spoiled into believing that Christmas=endless powder days with nights spent sipping hot toddies by the warm glow of the fire, ahhh the good life of Aspen. But I guess the lack of snow has been good for one thing, the Olympic season. The days of freezing temps and blue skies have allowed all our favorite shredders days upon days of good conditions, albeit cold ones, to get all their doubles corks in a row before the first contests of the year. But now that the insanity of both the first Grand Prix at Copper and the Dew-licious Dew tour has settled down it’s time to bring on the snow, refresh the soul with leg burning pow runs and hikes up the bowl so we can head back out on the road and hunker down for Olympic glory and all that shit. So Merry Christmas and enjoy a few photos from my past two weeks in summit county watching shred and celebrating the holidays in poor taste.

let’s dew it! The gang at the Dew Tour get’s ready to readjust to an 18footer….amazing what a difference 4ft can make.

Here’s the unofficial US Team Christmas Card wishing you Happy Holidays  from Clair’s Christmas Sweater party…S..fisher, R.bower, G. Honeyman, me, k. Clark, G.Bleiler, c.bidez

spitting images of their parents from days gone by, Clair and Dylan Bidez show off their Christmas sweaters and their blue steel looks….thank god for the holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

here’s a gallery of more of the same if you feel inspired….

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