A New Year

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and joyous new year full of love, laughter and pow…

New years is one of those holidays that I’ve struggled with over the years, trying to make it feel important when in reality it’s just acknowledging the passing of time. It’s just seconds ticking away on the clock like it does every other day of the year, except for that on Dec 31st people the whole world over, feel the need to get together, get drunk supper early and pass out sometime after midnight singing auld lang syne wondering what the hell it means. Not to be totally ba humbug and all that, I mean birthdays and other anniversaries have always stirred a certain nostalgia in me, forcing me to take a look back and look ahead, to see how far I’ve come, or haven’t and reevaluate where I’m heading and what the eff I am doing with my life. Which generally I kinda like, it’s a time to reflect and reminisce about all the things that make up a year and to see how each of those seconds ticking away translated into a year well spent. This year was no different except for the fact that I have never wanted a year to end so badly. Not that 2009 was particularly bad or that I believe the all of a sudden at the stroke of midnight a slate would be cleaned or that all the icky things I’m running from would just disappear. I am just ready for a new year with new beginnings, new adventures and all the promise the future holds. I mean for fuck sake we are due for a good one so now seems like as good a time as any. Happy New Year, peace, love and all that stuff…xoxo

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