Business Casual…

For those of you who are in my intimate circle of spaz, I’ve already inundated you with my insecurities and fears regarding my upcoming weeks in LA, and for those of you who don’t know,here’s the deal, I have been invited to a two-week course aimed to train twelve retired and active pro athletes to become sports analysts. The list of invited athletes goes something like this,  seven NFL players, a MLB player, a NBA player, a handful of track and field stars and umm me. There will be ten jam-packed days of teleprompter 101, sports radio, team building and more things I have absolutely no idea about. So, needless to say I am stoked and honored to be invited and slightly afraid….mostly by that fact that the course has a dress code…..which to most people, dare I say adults, is no big deal but for a little freak show like myself, the words “dress code” not mention “business casual” send a tremor down my spine. I mean I’ve definitely got the casual part down but business? Keep in mind, I’m coming from a world were people do business on chairlifts in between powder runs and our dress code would make casual Fridays look black tie. Reading this requirement send me into an instant panic, visions of 80’s  power suits with shoulder pads circa Working Girl flash through my head and the Peter Pan Syndrome that’s alive and well in the snowboarding industry begins to rear its bratty little head. So, after stressing myself out for days on end about blazers and pumps and hearing everyones advice on what is and isn’t business casual, I decided to enlist the help of a stylist. Just someone to comb through my extensive collection of slip on vans and Pee Wee Herman t-shirts to help me dress adultish and turn my hobo chic into business casual without offending any of the lost boys. Thankfully, the fabulous Miss Anna Bugge, shopper and stylist extraordinaire, was on hand to hold my hand and arm me with the basics, calmly tolerating my refusals of all things blousey, fringe and turtleneckish and didn’t judge me too harshly for trying to wear every color in the spectrum at the same time. So here I sit in my last day of plain old “Tricia casual” flying into what is bound to be an experience, one I promise to blog about complete with details of what it feels like to play the part of an adult who’s pretending to be sports analyst alongside people who actually do the sports people analyze.  Did I mention the whole thing is being filmed for what is beginning to sound like a reality show called “Ballers 2 Callers” complete with “confessionals”…..umm hello, what I am doing here? Well at least I’ve got my blazer, wish me luck…..

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