Mammoth Grand Prix Roundup…

Louie looking happy….according to his mathematical genius uncle, Louie hasn’t completely locked his spot in but we’re pretty sure he’s going…

The craziest part of the whole Olympic season is by far the qualifying process and now that we’ve finished up three of the five maybe everyone can take a deep breath and relax a bit…or at least Gretchen, Kelly, Shaun and Louie can. These four have more or less locked up their spots on the 2010 Olympic team and can now stop stressing about qualifying for the team and start stressing about the actual Olympics…ah the joys of Olympic pressure, it brings the best out of people and the worst out of others. This week in Mammoth was no different, we saw some stellar riding; great qualifiers run with some classic finals choking, we had tears and triumphs along with some over thinking brains and a few nerves of steel. And then of course, there was JJ Thomas…..

JJ gets some high fives on his way to the podium…..yea nice.

The 2002 bronze medalist just got dropped from RIDE and was all but written off in the pipe riding scene but his huge, smooth, steady runs are keeping him in the hunt for another Olympics. He hasn’t entered into the whole double cork madness, opting to stick to his stand by’s, which seems to be working just fine for him, he has a third and a fourth going into Park City and could be the unexpected pick for Vancouver. The best part is, he’s one of the few riders during the qualifiers who actually looks like he’s having fun, I mean I know everyone loves snowboarding but when the Olympics are on the line people start tightening up their sphincters and their heads explode….whatever it is JJ’s been on point.

The Frends Crew out in support of Kevin Pearce…..get well soon KP we need you back in the mix.

Pearce Would Have Won stickers donned most every board on Mammoth last week and flags and banners proudly showing love and support for KP littered the crowd at the pipe. We miss our favorite FREND and can’t wait to see him back in action sometime soon…in the meantime Pearce be with you.

Pearce be With You, Danny Davis, Wednesday’s winner flies Pearce’s Flag.

Kelly Clark after making her third Olympic Team…..Can you feel the stoke? Kelly is the only person who seemed surprised by the fact she made the Olympic team….she keep saying “can you believe it?” and I was like “umm yeah” …seriously people, who here is surprised?

Is that a Grenade in your Pocket…..Danny Kass three bloody marys deep in over the top Oakleys shows his support of tiny dancer Louie Vito.

Waaaaaa…..Gretchen and I have a mini reunion with 98 and 2002 Olympic Team coach Pete Delgudice.

Louie and Scotty…..two of my favs and two of the few who have podiumed in the Qualifiers…this is where it gets interesting. Cross your fingers and get your doubles on Park City here we come.


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