Four down one to go…..

Gretchen Bleiler about to drop into a blustery looking pipe…..

It’s 5 o’clock and the last grand prix and Olympic Qualifier is about to get underway under the lights and in the snow. To say it’s an exhausting processes is an understatement but everyone seems to be hanging in there and giving it their best despite the craziness that has made up this season. Last night was an amazing display of awesomeness, with Shaun White continuing to raise the bar with three double corks in his run, one of which is a 1260 double Mctwist that Bud Keene calls the “yeah baby”….or at least those where the words that flew out of his mouth the first time he saw it… and now we can’t help but make fun of the poor man. This was all done in puking snow and pressure cooker conditions which is pretty amazing but in the same breath, we kind of just expect that from Shaun, it’s like “umm yeah, cool” but when you really think about it, it’s fucking crazy. Anyway, as much as Shaun’s perfection will be exciting to watch, the real drama will take place tonight as the fourth place spots on the Olympic team will be decided.

Scotty Lago, my personal fav, pretty much locked up his spot last night with huge airs and stylie double 10’s and 9’s leaving only one spot on the 2010 Olympic team for fellow FRENDS. At this point, JJ Thomas who has been riding impressively large this year, Zach Black with his technical wizardry, Luke Mitrani, owner of the sickest double Michaelchuck and a handful of other doubles all have a pretty equal chances to don a Beret and represent the stars and stripes along with last nights 3rd place finisher Greg Bretz. So, needless to say, tonight is going to be interesting and all these guys need to make the podium, if no one betters a 4th JJ Thomas heads to his second Olympic games……and here is the sucky part, I want them all to go.

JJ Thomas and his amazing family and fan club….and yes he will indeed send it tonight my friends

The women’s comp is no less exciting, it’s going to come down to miss ellery hollingsworth getting into the number two spot on the podium, which she came so very close to last night with an amazing run complete with a front 9, cab 9, big airs and a clean front 7. There was a lot of excitement as she was in first place most of the contests only to be bumped down to third after both Hannah and Kelly bettered their first runs. Currently, Elena Height, 2006 Olympian is in the fourth place team spot and so basically the contest is between Ellery and Elena tonight…..and this is the suckiest part about the whole Olympic Machine….friends duking it out with friends for those spots. So get ready for tonight’s tears and triumphs and for four years of hard work to come down to the wire or something dramatic like that……Ellery rides for Kevin….

Scotty Lago was the man of the hour last night and had the most priceless, unadulterated joy after figuring out that he is a lock for Vancouver… rad!

View from the riders drop…..did I mention it’s puking……cross your fingers for you favs tonight….xoxo t

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