Thieves, Broadcastering and other stuff…

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My two week immersion into the lives of anchor people and sports analysts is over and done with and I’m now left with numbing withdrawal-like symptoms, missing the routine and my new found friends. As adults we rarely get the chance to re-experience summer camp, where you spend everyday working on new crafts and laughing with a crew of mix-matched people, most of whom you’ve never met but whom you bond like old friends and siblings with in the course of a few weeks. That’s kinda of what happened during my weeks at the MLA attempting to learn some hard boiled news reporting skills….opposed to hard boiled assing off skills which just come so naturally to me.

Which one of us is the real Ron Burgandy? All I know is I’m Brick…..Lolo Jones, Dr J, Brick and Monica Cabbler.

I am forever grateful to the MLA for the information and insight into the world of sportscasting and especially, for the endless hours of teleprompter practice and I am equally grateful that they weren’t too too mad when I messed with other people’s teleprompter scripts, Ron Burgandy style…’s surprisingly easy to get people to read ridiculous statements off the teleprompters and if you have the mentality of a 3rd grader, like I do, it’s insanely rewarding and fun. See, it was just like camp….except we had to dress like grown ups.

Reggie Hayward who clearly had no problem looking daper while still business casual gets a dusting of epic pow from master makeup artist Roxanna Luevano.

Unlike camp, we had the pleasure of having our own make up artist, who spent the first part of the mornings making everyone less shiny and TV ready. The poor woman! With each consecutive day I would roll into her chair looking more and more like a haggard garbage pail kid who had just rolled out of bed and she would have to spend more and more time making me look less like a fraggle and more like an adult who knows how to comb her hair. (Thank you Roxy!) Meanwhile, all the men would roll in everyday looking more and more put together, with custom made suits complete with initials embroidered and sparkly cuffs links and all that stuff.

The Cast of Characters….

Aside from all the actual experience and hands on learning this little course provided it brought together a group of people from different backgrounds, ideas and experiences. I mean, yes, we’re all athletes who competed at the highest level in our sports and understand competition and dedication blah blah blah but we’ve all come from really different places and perspectives and we shared some pretty mind blowing conversations about what we each “knew” to be true. From race, to gender to sports and religion, I felt like I left there with a new found perspective for the world we’re living in. Not to get all deep on you and stuff but when you step out of the arena you comfortably live in where everyone thinks like you think or so you think it can be kind of mind melting.

Hey look it’s the sound guy….

If you feel like enjoying my failures and hissyfits in broadcasting, the class was filmed for a docu-ality thingy which will air on Fox Sports Net in June….Now Go Fook Yourself San Diego, I’m Ron Burgandy?

PS. The TV show was a competition to raise money for the charity of our choosing, and I thought I’d let you all know that my team,  Team 1, who had the best team work and who was leading the competition for most of the two weeks did not win the big prize purse for our charities but DID win media passes to next years SuperBowl….so sadly our charities don’t get as much money as they could have but Team 1 will be partying it up in Dallas next year and you’d better be damn sure I am finding an effin foam finger to wave boldly in the face of people who actually follow the sport…..

PPS. On a sad note, some douche bag stole my brand new mac book pro the last day of filming and I was sadly reminded the hard way that there are people out there who take what doesn’t belong to them…tsk tsk…


2 thoughts on “Thieves, Broadcastering and other stuff…

  1. Hey, love your blog. great job

    My friends has a question, its kinda weird but what the heck i’ll ask for her since your kinda in the crew. But does Kevin Pearce have a girlfriend? is it Ellery Hollingsworth or something? the cute blond girl? haha well i really hope you’ll answer. She’s writing a report or something about it and she needs to know this for some reason.

    Thanks 🙂

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