Oh Dear Me, Another X-games….

Nothing makes good TV like breaking yourself off at X-games…lights, camera, backboard…..

It’s that time of year again when the action sports industry is sponsored by the letter X….ya know as in X-treme and shit. This is my first X-games since the beginning of X-games that I have not competed in them, oh yes, it’s true, I was there when modified shovel racing and speed ice climbing were considered X worthy. People keep asking me if I’m sad or bummed not to be competing and all I can say is “hell no!” especially after watching the first night of pipe practice and the frowny faces on all our favorite peeps and after watching Torah knock herself silly on the gleaming icy walls of the pipe. Anyway, it’s X-games and it’s time to enjoy a zillion and one energy infused products from drinks to jerky, stand around day and night watching made for TV shred in the Colorado cold and spend every night bouncing from bar to bar to target house so we can all feel a little more X-treme and haggard come February. Getting all X and stuff…Me, Chris Hotell, Ellery Hollingsworth and Mrs. Gretchen Bleiler Hotell

P. Moore, GB, Danny Zaplac, Jesse Huffman, Moi, Chris “bleiler” Hotell….At Travis Rice’s new art adventure…

In addition to all the sponsor chalets and parties, this year we are finally blessed with a little bit of culture thanks to T.Rice and Mike Parillo. Last night they held an art opening in one of Aspen’s local galleries hosting some amazing art work and photography from a host of action sports icons. They’ve begun the asymbolgallery.com which is an online gallery that sells prints of action sports artists and photogs, from Jamie Lynn board graphics to epic artsy photography. Blah blah blah, It’s an amazing endeavor that you should all check out and a huge pat on the back or high five or whatever to Travis Rice for taking the initiative to once again do something out of the box in this sometimes surprisingly square industry. I’m probably not doing it justice but it’s pretty much awesomeness times 2.a few of the pieces at last nights opening all of which are available for purchase….neato kids!Sunrise at the Venue…..it’s a never ending cycle of day and night X-tremeness….more to come…

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