Olympic Fever…

The much anticipated Olympic games are nearly over, medals have been won and lost, tears have been shed, both of triumph and of joy and they sent the passion home in the name in of Scotty Lago. I won’t get into that too much but people need to chill out, step off their puritanical pulpits and remember that in this new media age even your average bar slut is a reporter for TMZ…..if you don’t know what I’m talking about you probably live in Canada.

I was just one nibble away from getting Scotty kicked out of the Olympics…..Bretz, Foley, Scotty and me celebrating Olympic awesomeness.

Moving on…..So yeah, Olympic Glory and all that stuff, by now you’ve all seen the highly produced version of the Olympics complete with tear jerking music and all the stuff that stokes the Olympic spirit, fire, dreams or whatever…so what can I tell you about the Olympics that you don’t already know? Well for starters, contrary to popular belief Canada is it’s own country and not just a more northern part of United States of America and get this….those crazy Canadians broadcast the Olympics in their entirety live on TV.

allez allez..Viva La France or something like that…..

All day and night, every run, shot, toss, heat and goal are there for your viewing pleasure, where the only drama unfolding is the drama of the sport, not the hand spun pre-produced neatly scripted version of Olympic drama that we American’s grew up on. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing, good in the sense that whether it’s snowboarding, biathalon, or God forbid, the bane of my existence, ice dancing, it’s there for you to see and judge and be a part of, from qualifiers to semi’s to finals it’s yours. Bad in the sense that I left Canada feeling like the Olympics didn’t really happen, an anticlimactic sort of fizzle where we’d expected a pop. I’m not sure if that’s because it actually was a bust, with poor venues and conditions, limited practice, lots of falls, and with Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn really winning or because as a kid raised on America’s version of the Olympics, I missed the dramatic storytelling and heart wrenching tales of tragedy and triumph along with an Olympic soundtrack that melts the coldest of hearts and inspires the biggest beer drinking couch slouching slob to delusions of greatness. Or it’s very possible that my idea of inspiration and Olympic glory involves a Bob Costas voice over….

Greg Bretz and Louie Vito cheering on the ladies….

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the Olympics and am continually inspired by Olympic athletes and Olympic ideals and as a former Olympian I know first hand that there is no other event that can hold a candle to the Olympics and that the Olympic energy or fever, if you will, is pretty damn awesome. Anyway, I’m back in the U.S. to watch the final days of competition from my couch and am ready to be inspired by the Olympic package….. here are some snapshots of what you didn’t see on TV.

team american eff yeah….looking lumberjack-ish in there team issue apparel…..

So if you’ve never been to the Olympics, people really get their cheer on in a National sort of way. Duh. I mean it’s the Olympics and other than World Cup Football(translated Soccer) nations don’t really get together to compete and wave flags and foam fingers in each others faces in the name of sport. So, come the Olympics, people bust out all their tartans and dress like national super heros donning flags as capes and all that shit and the families are out in full effect. Which I decided should be it’s own Olympic division….family and friends cheering sections, since each nation and athletes people had their own personalized flare. Wouldn’t it be awesome to win a Gold medal for cheering, being judged on your ability to support your athlete by wearing and waving creative attire, Cheer stamina, and keeping positive energy flowing to the athlete while simultaneously booing the judges. It’s a true Olympic skill, one that take dedication, patience and practice and by the looks of it these posses were going for Gold in Vancouver.

N-A-T-E! The Nate Holland cheering section was in full effect and just as loud as you’d expect a 40 plus posse of Idaho-ians to be.

The Wescott’s freestyle dance party to shake off the nerves during the final heat….

Even though Holland’s family might have won the cheer-off, Wescott reclaims his gold…which when you think about it is pretty dang amazing given the volatility of boardercross and the super snowsnakey conditions of the course last week.Team Kelly complete with daytime ball caps and switched to a night finals classic winter hat, pictured here….VS…..

Team Gretchen…..please notice the “Go Gretchen” contest bibs and hats and the sheer volume of Bleilers in the house….VS

Team Torah…..bare chested aussie dudes might take the Gold just like their beloved girl..

aaah victory….

wildly inappropriate dance party photos to come, just waiting to see if TMZ wants to buy the rights first…. xoxo t

6 thoughts on “Olympic Fever…

  1. Tricia,
    Thanks so much for sharing the experience. I know I’m not the only one that has been online watching the events unfold in live-time with eurosport.com as well as other sites. NBC sucks.
    See you in a few weeks at Copper?

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