Snoqualmie’s Shakedown

Fog, rain, freezing rain, snow, sleet and sunshine graced day one of the Shakedown….

Canada’s largest snowboarding event, well next to the Olympics and maybe some other festival event’s that draw crowds more for music than shred, has arrived stateside in Snoqualmie, WA. Not sure why they picked the podunk highway pit stop of the Summit at Snoqualmie as a sister resort for the disco light’s of Montreal’s Saint Sauver except that I overheard one of the French Canadian’s say “if it doesn’t rain, it’s not the shakedown” so I guess the northwest is the obvious choice. And maybe just maybe it’s because the people at Snoqualmie have a little cowboy in them or something outlaw-ish like that. Coming to this resort (especially from Asssspen) is a like stepping back in time, with super old lifts, limited vertical and a very tangible  heart and soul. The people of Snoqualmie aren’t caught up in the fast pace of 2010 daily life, and get this, they actually smile at people, real smiles. They even go the extra mile for you in terms of service, the employees all have an air of pride about their place of employment and not that “we had a corporate morale meeting and my boss told me to the costumer is always right and if I’m really, really nice they might tip me well” sort of pride. It’s legit and people are legitamitley nice, albeit a little sauced on the dawn to midnight PBR plan but nice all the same. My new webcast production company, We Media Project ,is webcasting the Shakedown to be aired on tonight, and the lovely people of Snoqualmie let us run cables from their lifts and then proceeded to rappel themselves off of it. Sketchy? Sure but that’s part of the charm, along with the worlds sketchiest judging tours and scaffolding set up, this place ain’t for pussies or something like that….

Bridges puts last year’s winner, Hanna Beaman, on the spot in only the way Pat can do….

Anyway, this is my first Shakedown experience and I’m pretty excited after hearing some of the amazing tales of awesomeness from my favorite storyteller Pat Bridges and from witnessing some of the rail jam last night…..local’s were hucking their carcasses just to qualify and if everyone survived the party at Seattle’s brand new Hard Rock hotel, then tonight is gonna go off…..which of course you can watch live on from 5EST/@2PST and you might even see your favorite red head doing some interview action….No. not carrot top or Shaun white…me. xoxo


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