Costumes and Customs US Open Style….

The Fantastic Mr. James Fox, so graciously asked me to do a little guest blogging for his amazing collection of awesomeness called 10 Engines. He’s kind of a stuffie….if that’s even a word, but a like a foodie about stuff, maybe it doesn’t translate…..anyway, since I have a pretty long history with the US Open, which is already in full swing, he asked me to give him a head to toe US Open look, which of course got my head spinning and traveling down a million different paths of amazing Open outfits from years past, trends and trends revisited,mascot outfits and so it goes. We’ve collaborated before on a documentary he did about the Open and as you’ll see, he has some pretty old photos of me along with an amazing assortment of interesting facts on all sorts of random and cool stuff and things, so please check out his blog on a regular basis you won’t be disappointed and find out what the kids are wearing at the 28th US Open….READ ON, I talk a lot so it’s in two parts….duh.

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