is it over yet…..

Spring is here with all it’s national geographic-y transitions, baby birds are chirping for their mamas, bears are crawling out of there dens and all the garbage and dog poop that was hidden in snow banks is now resting gently on top of muddy matted earth. As with all seasonal transitions, I feel a certain amount of excitement for the coming season and nostalgia for the passing season, at the onset of fall I feel like I didn’t get enough of those long hot days of summer and at the same time can’t wait for smell of decaying leaves in the woods blah blah blah and now as the winter season is officially coming to it’s end, I’m wishing I had more powder days feeling like it went by so fast. This is of course combined with the feelings of over-it-ness that all jaded snowboarders feel at the end of a season especially knowing that winter never really ends. Can you feel the stoke?

Lately, I’ve been waking up torn between trying to pack all the snowboarding I can into the remaining days of the season and packing all my wintry shit up and rocket launching it to the moon never to be seen again.  I think these feelings of near remorse are normal they make you seize the opportunities in front of you while they last or some sort of carpe diem bullshit. Anyway, you get the idea, spring is here and spring in Aspen means powder days and slushy pipe riding in the same weekend and the best part is all my favs come to town for Gretchen’s Snow Angels contest. Last weekend was the 3rd year that all the ladies of shred came weary and worn out from a long season of hucking their meat to refresh themselves with a few pow slashes, some pipe trains for cash, massages, facials, epic yoga sessions with Margo and a night of partying like an 80’s metal cover band rockstar. Here is a mini photo/video montage of the awesomeness….
oh yeah and Covergirl makeovers too….Maddy, Ellery and Linn opted for the 80’s jazzerise look….quite possibly my favorite photo of all time…..ahh teenage happinessMercedes and Elena in awe of a clearly defined package in snake skin pants….Maddy and Palmer givin ‘er

In the spirit of true spring kookiness Ellery, Palmer, Maddy, Linn and Elena spent the last day of Snow Angels remembering how to ski…..kind of impressive and kinda scary especially Maddy Schaffrick’s rail slide attempt. Enjoy…

In case you didn’t hear or actually want to know what happened at the event, here’s a little recap of the event and weekend that our new little production company We Media Project produced for Aspen/Snowmass…

Enjoy spring and pick up yer dog’s poop…

xoxo t

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