Father/Daughter Art Show

I come from a pretty creative family, my father’s an artist, my sister Susan can make a paper napkin look good and is the worlds best stylist and photographer (see above), my sister Jeanne has an amazing way with cloth and patterns and makes quilts to die for, my brother Greg is a writer, my brother Doug was DJ and sang in a hardcore band and my mother was the most creative person I’ve ever known when it came to left overs and Halloween costumes and then there’s me….i blog.

As a kid, when I wasn’t climbing trees, building forts or playing with barbies, I spent most of my childhood afternoons in my fathers studio watching him paint and sculpt for hours on end. I watched in sheer amazement as little dashes and lines of oil and acrylic became the people, places and things I loved. My father was and still is always experimenting with new techniques and art forms, every few months or years or phases was a new medium in the house; painting, printing, sculpting, abstracts, trompe l’oeil, etching, welding, mono prints, lithographs and on and on. I think my brother’s friends especially liked the nude sculpture phase my father went through as they all awkwardly morphed through puberty. Anyway, my father’s latest works will be exhibited along with my sister Susan’s most recent photographs in a Father/Daughter show with mega sculptor David Hayes and his daughter Mary. The show is at Bendheim Gallery (299 Greenwich Ave 2nd Floor, Greenwich CT 06830) , so if you’re in the area April 29th between 6-8 stop by have some wine and cheese and wish my big sister a happy birthday for me…..

over kansas

2 thoughts on “Father/Daughter Art Show

  1. This is absolutely beautiful writing and a great memory. Fathers and Daughters presents your Dad’s and Susan’s artwork in such a rich and complementary manner. I know that your Dad is deeply touched by this…

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