The Many Faces of Spring….

Beach cruises and snow don’t mix so well with this pony…

With the official start of summer a week or so away I am forced to face the cold hard facts that this spring just wasn’t the spring I’ve been waiting for. With an Aspen winter lacking pow days, I just kind of assumed that spring had started a little early….like in January and would continue it’s spring like fashion into the actual season. Not so fast, this spring was the winter we were waiting for with multiple snowy nights and blustery days minus the oh so convenient lift access. What is it about the anticipation of something that skunks the whole process, it’s like God or the universe is behaving like an older brother, taunting you with what you want most and snatching it away at the last minute and when you finally give up on the game you get what you so eagerly awaited only now you’re kind of over it because you’ve moved on… I sound bitter?one handed croquet in honor of spring complete with snow banks and mud bogs…

At any rate, like a true resort town local I got fed up with playing croquet in the snow and schizophrenically switching between winter and summer apparel and just left town for the greener pastures of my youth….ah New England, well and New York too which technically isn’t New England but was a hell of a lot less snowy than here.
central park at dusk….

In my free time holed up inside I became slightly obsessed with The Moth podcasts, so much so that I when I got to NYC I  got tickets to the Moth Mainstage at the Museo el Barrio. Nerd, I know, but there is something so awesome about the art of storytelling and the stories people feel the need to share. For those of you who don’t know what The Moth is, it’s a non profit storytelling organization that hosts a whole bunch of story nights every month in New York, LA and some other cities. The events have a theme and people tell stories without notes on the topic, some are open to the public and some are longer stories told by a group of hand selected people. The Moth Mainstage…..okay this guy has notes but he was introducing the storytellers.

I went to one of those hand crafted events, where a bunch of authors and people of reputation got up and spoke, non of whom I had ever heard of but well, I mostly read authors who are long dead, still catching up on the classic… Anyway, it was awesome and inspiring and all that, just regular people telling regularly extraordinary stories of their lives, lessons learned, laughs had, tears shed and all that shit. The theme of the night was Saints and Sinners and legendary subway grafitti artist, Lee Quinones, got up and told a crazy story about roaming the subways  tagging trains in the 70’s, it felt all Beat Street and stuff, minus the breakdancing…..anyway, download some Moth podcasts and let’s tell stories.

In other artsy news, the Father/Daughter art show was a huge success, despite my father missing the opening due to an attack on the heart. I don’t know much about modern medicine but I sure am glad that some smart people created those mini cameras and stints and had the courage or balls or whatever to fix up the human heart. My dad, as always, is taking this heart attack in stride and is on the mend and I’m certain his next batch of artwork will continue to reflect the ups and downs of his life experience. My sister Susan’s work is mind blowing, you’ll have to see it in person sometime soon but in the meantime here are a few snaps of the awesomeness that creative passion can bring about…..

Daughter on the left Father on the right….

happy spring and happy healthy hearts to you….xoxo t

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