Road Trip….

I am moments away from embarking on my summer work-ation road trip and other than mapping out the route and hotel plan, I have yet to really think about the reality of a month long road trip across our great states without envisioning some sort of modern day mayhem a la National Lampoons Vacation. Only this time, instead of the Grizwold family truckster, we’ll be traveling in a econoline van running on veggie oil with a 12 foot trailer, aka webcasting central, in tow and instead of Wally World we’ll be on a constant search for malls around America. Starting today, I’ll be criss-crossing the country with the rest of the posse from the Zumiez along with our We Media Project crew as we webcast all 12 stops of Zumiez Couch Tour skate and music festival of awesomeness, insanity and hotness as it travels mall to mall from Seattle to Houston to Jersey and back. We’ll be sweating it out in mall parking lots across the country in the hotness of June with all your favorite skate dudes and band peoples, it’ll kinda be like Tiffany’s Mall tour of the late 80’s except that instead of dancing around in the comfort of air conditioned malls lipsyncing to hairsprayed mall rats we’ll be roasting our asses off on the black pavement just outside them. It’s gonna be awesome and maybe this is my big “I’m with the band” moment I’ve been dreaming about since high school……anyway, if you’re worried about missing out it’s all live via the world wide web ( and on your favorite apple device, ipods, ipads and iphones too,  just download Zumiez snazzy app and watch along. And of course, I’ll be blogging about the food court, truck stops and heat rash too…xoxo t

2 thoughts on “Road Trip….

  1. Trish,
    Sounds like you will have a great time. I know you have endured worse on the other end of the weather spectrum. One thing pops in to my brain….you need to pick up a package of those toilet seat covers. Those mall and gas station bathrooms are the PITS!
    Have a blast and I’ve got it bookmarked on my iPod.

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