On the Road Again….

not a bad place to start a road trip…..the columbia river at sun down.

My Memorial Day weekend was spent the way all good Americans consumers should celebrate the start of summer….no no, not at the beach or lake or anything remotely resembling nature but at two of the Northwest’s finest malls watching the clickity clack of skateboarders making good at the Zumiez Couch Tour. The kick off to my summer of webcasting‘s aka ZCT’s 12 stop tour felt a bit more like winter, problem being when I packed for this trip I packed for the hot ass Texas June and the I’m a glazed donut humidity of New Jersey June not it’s so cold I can see my breathe June of Seattle’s suburbs…so after shivering it out for a while I got myself a brand new Zumiez winter parka…..thank God we were at the Mall.

Kevin Casillo and Captin Coyne spray about sea worthy shite and skateboarding action….

Anyway, webcasting…..lots of wires, gadgets, plugs, cords and stuff, all of which I am now pretty well versed in and I’ve even begun to run the Tricaster and for those of you who think like me, allow me to explain…the tricaster is a big black box that makes the webcast happen you hit some buttons switch some switches and magic happens. Technology, cool. For other people who have a technical brain please consult Greeny, he is the technical wizard and knows what buttons to push when and so on. The behind the camera/tricaster roll is a new one for me when it comes to webcasts, it’s a little different from the sideline commentary smack talking roll I’ve held in productions past but it’s awesome to mix it up and quite honestly the whole switcher and editing component is perfect if you have a hyperactive multitasking mind that can think straight while 14 people are talking to you at the same time via radios, headphones, cell phones and six others are leaning over your shoulder telling you what to do all to the background sound of a punk band sound checking for six hours straight. NBD, just glad my mind was already melted before I started this get up.nothing says VIP like a little so. co and skateboarding….view from Vestals bus.

Technical wizardry aside, the couch tour is a pretty awesome combination of grass roots skateboarding and super pro skate demos with all your favorite icons. The boys from Fallen and Zero graced the first two stops of the tour with Chris Cole out skating everyone and Jaime Thomas egging on his teammates/employees to do tricks for cash. Billy Marks aka Luke Wilson in a disguise and on a diet also made the trip to soggy seattle for a little shop time.

Slash on deck….

The Zumiez employees in their circle of trust post event

I’m a little concerned about the level of stoke from the Zumiez employees at these couch tour events, they’re all really, really nice and happy even while they’re picking up a parking lot full of cigarette butts and chewing gum with their bare hands after 6 hours of slaving around for other higher up Zumiez employees. Either Zumiez is doing something right or very very wrong……

Ahoy….Jennifer, Lisa and a pirate hooker set sail…..

After the Portland stop, Zumiez, in their theme of keeping people happy, held a kick off party on the Portland spirit, a little vessel filled with booze that basically does circles up and down the Wilamette for a couple of hours. Let’s see what this weekend holds as we hit the road again for the next 10 stops of the couch tour, ouch, I haven’t been on a road trip since high school……next stop, San Jose live and on apps and all that 12PST June 5th  www.zumiezcouchtour.com

One thought on “On the Road Again….

  1. HI Tricia,

    looks like you have been having a lot of fun with the tricaster
    and some of your pics looks great and just wondered from a guy her in the UK is the tricaster really as cool as it looks and do you feel it a great buy, as i am thinking about getting one, for gigs and things xxx please let me know

    peace chris w.

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