Life In A Day

Thanks to the advice of a teenage girl and to the sudden stop of my all American summer road trip I’ve been spending way too much time on Youtube….even when Youtube was big, which apparently it still is, I’ve never been one of those people sending around “funny” videos of dogs with cereal boxes stuck to their heads nor have I ever been compelled to search for drunk people dancing or grandmothers making fart noises with their armpits. And, while I’m on the subject I also have no interest in the pre-internet video phenomenon, America’s Funniest Home Videos which I think we can all agree isn’t funny, canned laughter and all.

Anyway, my new youtube fascination began with a few harmless “Vlogs” from my new favorite “youtuber” Mitchell Davis. What’s a Vlog? Whose Mitchell Davis? Unless your 18 and under chances are high you haven’t heard of him but he is one of the new wave of “youtube celebritites” who Vlog…you know like turn on their computer cameras and talk about nothing, literally nothing.. it’s like this blog only with way more editing and dancing. There is a whole world of video bloggers out there and they even have their own convention, VidCon, where from what I can gather, they continue to talk about nothing and then film themselves fanning out on other youtube celebs. Anyway, as with anything internet and world wide webish I found myself watching endless Mitchell Davis videos and when I say endless I mean pretty much all of them or enought to decide that I really prefer his older work when he was raw and unadulterated and before he sold out and started using his vlog as a means of promotion…tsk tsk. Anyway, I eventually found something worthwhile on youtube….a movie project.

It’s called Life In A Day and basically people from all around the world are supposed to film themselves doing whatever they happen to be doing on July 24th 2010 and some big time producers and directors who’ve done movies like Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Thelma & Louise, etc. are going to create some massive youtube-ish movie that will be at Sundance and all the Hollywood types with strut around in there stilettos through the January Park City slop to see it. And well since I’m all inspired by my new teenage vloging sensations I think we should all film ourselves doing our normal Saturday in July’s nothingness….so some Hollywood producers can make more money off free content, but who knows it might be fun and might inspire all of us to see the beauty in an ordinary day. So get your iphones and flip cams, and film a little life in your day….

2 thoughts on “Life In A Day

  1. I am *way* over 18 and I Love Mitchell Davis – I love his energy and overall vibe and think he is truly talented. He has an amazing future ahead of him (and Kyle.) I even have him on my Google Alert. I am so surprised there has not been more major coverage of him outside of Youtube and online networks. I hope he keeps going, can’t wait to see where he is in 5 years. In one of his videos said he wanted to be this generation’s or this era’s Andy Warhol – I believe he can do that, achieve that kind of fame and influence in time because he is so multi-talented. He is truly his own kind of artist still developing. He’s a phenom and seems to just roll with it, which makes him even better.

    I’m a freelance writer and have been trying to get a “real” publication interested in an interview with him for almost a year, no luck yet. Maybe soon…Julie

    PS Like your blog and love that hair! And of course that google alert led me to find out about you and what you are doing – so consider youself bookmarked.
    Julie Stonecipher

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