Eat Pray Love and don’t wear those pants….

Sad to say, I was one of those women who was looking forward to seeing Eat Pray Love. I read the book like every other woman on the planet a few years back and it’s one of those books that taps into human beings desire to get up, quit everything and travel the world in search of something more awesome only to find yourself in the process (duh). The book definitely had it’s flaws but it was an easy enough to ignore the authors over dramatic boyfriend obsessive rants with beautiful backdrops in places like Italy, Bali and India and I guess I kind of expected the same from the movie. I had hoped to be inspired by picturesque Balinese vistas overlooking rice paddies and Indonesian coast lines, a romantic Rome and a colorful India instead we saw a lot of Julia Roberts in horrendous outfits. This photo does NOT prove my point, they conveniently cut the pants from this photo which would have easily fit the elephant above…

It was kind of baffling, I mean yes, I understand that she is supposed to be playing a real life divorcee in her thirties but they made her out to be a pathetic loser who wears enormous clothing and who looks dumpy at best. It’s hard to make Julia Roberts look bad but the stylist succeeded and had my friends and I wondering if they were trying to hide a celebrity baby bump. And the thing is, I don’t think Elizabeth Gilbert is the frumpy fashion no no that this movie makes her out to be and even if she did dress like the Von Trapp Family singers meets MC Hammer/Susan Boyle the whole world doesn’t need to see it on the big screen. When you think of living in Bali, yoga-ing in India and indulging in Italy I’m sure you don’t picture yourself in your big boy pants and dumpy sundresses even if that is in fact what you wear when you get there. I understand the need to be historically accurate but let’s face it Hollywood movies aren’t known for their accuracy, they’re known for inspiring people with movie magic. If I want reality on the big screen I’ll see a documentary and be inspired by real life and except the real people in whatever outfits they choose.. which brings me to my next point. Living in a town like Aspen people try to be all artsy fartsy high brow and shit, which I like, because sometimes I too like to pretend that I’m all artsy fartsy high brow and shit. So in honor of being all highfalutin and stuff e I’ve been attending the Aspen Institute documentary series complete with Q&A action from directors and producers of the films.  Here are a few that moved me in a real life sorta way…..

Wasteland is a documentary on Vik Muniz, a Brazilian artist who is pretty famous at this point, who heads back to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro more specifically, to do portraits made with garbage of the garbage pickers in the worlds largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho which is pretty much a city unto itself. Anyway, it’s amazing and I highly recommend it along with a whole bunch of film festival type people…

Bill Cunningham New York

So my other documentary pick is the inspiring and enlightening film on the New York Times “On the Street” photographer, Bill Cunningham, who has been pedaling his way around New York City capturing what people are wearing and in essence the true pulse of the city for over 50 years. He has this pure passion for people and their self expression through fashion and it just delightful, don’t I sound fancy? They should have consulted him for Eat Pray Love, anyway, I couldn’t find the trailer but here is a link to the movie site and a link to his work at the New York Times Happy Watching…t

4 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love and don’t wear those pants….

  1. Tricia,
    You are funny and have such an interesting perspective that I truly enjoy.
    Now, when are you going to write a screen play?! Seriously?

    ps. I read the book and saw the movie. However, after reading your critique- I have to agree with you.

  2. I like the part in the book where she goes to Sicily for the most delicious pizza ever and orders a pie to go while she is eating. I can respect that.

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