It’s Official….Summer’s Over.

jersey shore.

Despite the Indian Summer we’re in the midst of here in Colorado, I have come to the sad realization that summer is officially over. The damp dead smell of decaying leaves in that crisp morning back to school air has been creeping in for weeks now and the days are noticeably getting shorter and shorter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fall as much as the next person, possibly even more and due to the pasty nature of my transparent skin, hanging out in the summer sun is a full time job, applying and reapplying an array of sunscreens and lotions while arranging berka like cover ups watching my darker skinned friends frolic in the sun looking Sunkist versus sun-scorched is no easy task. nothing says summer like a fist pump and a swig of beer on the back of a boat…

It’s just that this was my first summer without shred in twenty years, not one trip to the southern hemisphere or one lap on the mile chair at Mt. Hood, and I’m not saying this with regret, it was kinda cool to relive a complete summer as nature intended but I’m still in awe of how much shorter summer seemed when winter wasn’t apart of it…so yeah, I’m hanging on a little to the idea of and endless summer and here are the last of my summery snaps that will have to hold me over while the leaves continue to fall and the frost sets in.mellow backies off the punch bowl…. courtesy of G.Bleiler, of course.

summer evening skate sessions in Houston.

rodeo cowboys in pink.

rooftop parties in LA, where the prettiest girls really do get to cut the line…”um but we’re on the list”laying in a shady patch of summery grass…adults just don’t lay around in the grass enough…probably because we know it’s the urinal for household pets and drunk homeless men.super cold summer swimming holes.summer hikes over green mountain passes.

summery slip and slides and if this doesn’t say “summer’s awesome” I don’t know what does….til next time xoxo t

3 thoughts on “It’s Official….Summer’s Over.

  1. The end of summer is getting me down too, so nice to see your great summer photos transporting me back a couple of months! Fall is such an emotionally charged transitional season..and so strangely enjoyable..

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