Ellery Out of Bounds Premiere….Heli On.

A few months back, March to be exact I went on a heli trip to Snow Water, BC with Ellery Hollingsworth, compliments of Gatorade (so drink up the G, riptide rush is my personal fav) It’s one of those trips that you know is gonna be rad; cruising around in a heli, riding untracked pow, feasting on gourmet meals in a remote lodge in the woods with a cast of characters. Kind of a no brainer, but this trip was like your first year at summer camp, where everything is kinda magical and you bond with strangers in a matter of seconds so a week feels like a year and when it’s all over the thought of going back to “normal” life doesn’t even seems possible. You get comfortable living the lodge life; heli-ing here and there, having 5 star 5 course meals served to you by a slew of beautiful people, drinking hand crafted cocktails out of goblets made of ice and generally lounging about. It becomes your life and these are your people, you come up with stupid little nicknames for each other and have stupid drama over this and that and whenever you see the people from your troop or trip it’s like a family reunion, bringing back fond memories of your rite of passage and your time spent in the woods….

the crew.

Last night, we got to have one of those little reunions and see a few of the stories from our trip for Fuel TV’s premiere of Ellery Out Of Bounds. You see, the heli trip was one part Fuel TV show (Ellery Out Of Bounds), one part Gatorade sports science testing mission(peeing in cups, weigh ins, heart rate monitors and idiot tests), and two parts assing off with Ellery and a lodge full of back country guides who’d spent their winter holed up in the mountains of BC and were ready to blow off a little steam, blow up some shit and drink like well, like you’d expect Canadian mountain and men and women to do.


Kum-by-effin-ya round the campfire


I’m not gonna lie, I was a little scared when our head guide pulled out a blow torch after a few rounds of Bacon Maple Crown Royale shots the first night and talked wildly of the punishments doled out for “infractions” aka things you didn’t know you were doing wrong. But to be honest, I am a bit of a scared-E-cat (surprise surprise) and in times of fear a super nerdy square ass rule follower (boring) especially in areas of the unknown aka the ocean and the backcountry or more specifically sharks and avalanches.

So the idea of a heli trip is super awesome and I love riding pow as much as the next person but the reality of me on a heli trip is a little bit less awesome. The entire time I am on super avi alert, checking and double checking my beacon like an eff OCD patient and hovering ridiculously close the guides listening to their every word and trying to read between their lines. I’m so annoying I annoy myself asking stupid question “just to clarify” and making the guides and the filmers assure me that everything was bomber every fucking time I dropped in. It didn’t help matters that a couple snowmobilers died up there a few days before we got there for our adventure, nor does it help that in this line of work avalanches can be an occupational hazard and we’re all a little too familiar with death by avalanche in these parts. That said I’m a firm believer in when it’s your time it’s your time and if slashing pow with you friends is how you have to go it doesn’t sound half bad, except of course when you’re slashing pow turns with your friends wondering if today is the day(see obsession with death blog). Blah blah blah trip of a lifetime, new friends and a TV show you all can watch on October 19th courtesy of Fuel, here are some more snaps from the trip and from last nights premiere party in Santa Monica with the usual suspects…xoxo t


Did I mention I am forever indebted to Ellery, not just for this amazing adventure but for her all around Ellery-ness which I’ve been blessed to experience firsthand and for about ten years…and yes she’s always been special in a special way not in a “pull you out of class for special classes” sorta way.

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Check out the Show On FUEL TV

Ellery Out of BoundsFUELHD Oct 19 10:30 PM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUEL Oct 20 1:30 AM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUELHD Oct 20 1:30 AM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUELHD Oct 20 2:00 PM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUEL Oct 20 2:00 PM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUELHD Oct 23 9:00 AM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUEL Oct 23 9:00 AM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUEL Oct 23 12:00 PM
Ellery Out of BoundsFUELHD Oct 23 12:00 PM

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