Grand Canyon…..It Happened

Since I’m in the process of checking cliches off my life list, a trip to the Grand Canyon seemed in order, right? It’s one of those iconic natural American wonders that draws millions of people from around the world to drive up to the rim of the world’s biggest hole Griswald style and be like “dang”. So, without getting too sentimental about traveling to places where you can walk in the footsteps of history and at the same time feel the vast empty unexplored-ness let me just say it’s worth all the hype and it really is a wonder to be reckoned…Now there’s a million ways to see the grand canyon and in our year and a half worth of talking about going to the canyon, Jennifer and I didn’t spent too much time planning our trip. Yes, we synchronized air travel, borrowed camping gear from various camping types and decided to hike down into the belly of the beast, but the actually planning of the trip was strung together in our 4 hour drive from Phoenix to rim thanks to a library issue lonely planet.

.our campsite…

But like all last minute plans, it worked out perfectly….we wandered the rim staring at the vast unrealness of this geological wonder, built campfires, hiked down thousands of feet in thunder, lightning, hail and rain to camp in more thunder, lightning, hail and rain, soaked in the sun on the sandy beaches of the Colorado river and spent hours talking about the insanity of the rock formations while trying to fathom the enormity of it all..
Pre-game nerdfest…

We also spent hours hiking back up those thousands of feet discussing sore calves, heavy backpacks, poor planning for rain and what we would indulge in upon returning to the rim….this included showers, an ever changing list of beverages and snacks and ceremoniously destroying the clothes off our backs.

real grand canyon cowboys shoveling real mule manure…

Since no one actually lives in the grand canyon(except maybe the cowboy above and a few park rangers) there is a sense of entitlement or peace or belonging; no one is a local and everyone is a kooky gaping tourist equally in awe, so it’s okay to be lost or amazed or ask “so where are you from?” which is a refreshing change coming from a land of localism were the moto is “beat it kooks”. just another snap of 4 bajillion years or so of rock and sediment..

Jen waiting out a late afternoon hailstorm on Bright Angel.mesa, butte, plateau, whatever.

the river.

the prickly pear margarita didn’t live up to the hype but it looked pretty…

what would a trip to Northern AZ be without a Sedona Sunset and a trip to the vortex?

xoxo t


4 thoughts on “Grand Canyon…..It Happened

  1. Tricia, It’s time you decided to publish your travel writing. Is there a book? At least an article of 2000 words in a magazine. A bigger audience should be allowed to share you observations and responses. Your writing is certainly worthy of remuneration. Explore the possibilities.

  2. Tricia ~ Your words and photos just take my breathe away. So glad you were able to cross another item off the “bucket list”

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