Sensory Overload….NYC to Mombasa

NYC Goes Green

After spending a week in New York running around the city, not marathon style as planned and trained for 😦 due to lame ass IT/knee/hamstring/quad injury but just the regular hustling and bustling around the city, I kinda assumed I’d be ready for a little less than civilized transport. The heavy gas/brakes/gas/brakes of NYC taxis here and there, the jostle of subways and the practically unbearable, impassable crowds of Soho on a Saturday are a bit of a rude awakening from resort life in Aspen but are nothing compared to my latest locale…Mombasa, Kenya. Holy Shitshow!a tut tut in the thick of it all…

I’ve come to Mombasa for a little “out of my comfort zone” adventure while hopefully doing a little good or rather under the guise of doing good. For the next two weeks, I’ll be here, just below the equator on the coast of Kenya volunteering at a school/orphanage and learning a little bit about Swahili culture and what it truly means to be “africa hot”. So far, day one has been nothing short of adventurous and all I did was journey to town and back via three of the worlds sketchiest modes of transportation. The 10 minute jaunt is pretty simple, you piggyback on a motorbike down a pothole riddled rough road holding on tightly as all those stupid American lawsuits and death and dismemberment stories sift through your un-helmeted head; then you jump on a still moving Matatu, which is basically the worlds oldest 15 passenger van type thing with torn up insides, banged up outsides and a sliding door for hangers on, with 20 or so of your new sweaty best friends for a twisty-turvy horn blaring ride into the city.everybody in…..

And finally you hop on a teeny tiny three wheeled zig zagger tut tut that rallies like the big boys, cutting of machine gun toting military trucks and motorbikes alike. Wandering through town is a whole other kind of sensory overload, a crowded sea of vibrant colors, flowing fabrics, beautiful faces and pungent smells ranging from exotic spices to foul smelling god knows what. So yeah, it’s an adventure and we haven’t even started yet….

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