A New Kind Of Gratitude…

I have a new appreciation for shady spots….

My two weeks of volunteering at Precious Care Center in the slums of Bombalulu, Kenya are coming to a close and just in time for America’s most glutenous feeding frenzy(Thanksgiving) and as Christmas consumerism begins. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the trimmings of both holidays; food, gifts and otherwise. It’s just that this year I have a new appreciation for what we need and what we think we can’t live without and new sense of gratitude for the small things I sometimes forget to be grateful for…aka, education, running water, community pick up & recycling plans, flush toilets, showers, fly swatters… and on and on. The list has gotten really, really big after a few weeks of trudging through hot garbage filled streets watching goats eat plastic bags like they’re candy and children play with things you wouldn’t even touch with rubber gloves. the girls skip it out in the playground….

So yeah, it’s Thanksgiving in Mombasa and we’re going to spend it like every other American family, wrapped around our dinner table gorging ourselves on an assortment of seasonal goodies, giving thanks for the things we have and a moment thinking of those less fortunate only this year I’ll know some by name. Happy Thanksgiving people!

a new twist on Turkey day….Githeri

Little Lucy with two cups of porridge…..

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