Jambo Kenya

People always say Africa changes you so I kind of half expected to ship off to Kenya and never return, you know sell all my possessions for a simpler life doing good for others. But that just didn’t happen, in fact for a while there I thought it had turned me the other way, instead of realizing the imbalance of the world and renouncing my belongings I dreamt of hot water showers, a life without flies and what modern day conveniences I would indulge in upon my return. Instead of feeling like I was inspiring and encouraging children with patience and understanding I found myself at my wits end trying to control an unruly classroom by threatening to send them to the principles office (who am I?). But now that I’ve had a few days of solid sleep in a comfy bed followed up by hot showers and clean living I can see that it did change me. It gave me a new appreciation for the difference between need and want and an understanding that kindness and compassion are the world’s real currency. Don’t get me wrong I’m already caught up in the snares of the world and indulging in all the good things but there are places and experiences that cling to you and this one is haunting me already. I miss the wild and crazy children from Precious Vision Care Center and their effortless ability to bounce back after being banged up by the world. I miss walking through the slums being greeted by every man, woman and child in bright kangas and mismatchy attire with a warm “jambo” or a sing songy “howareyouuuuu”. I miss the chaos of maneuvering a city on the back of a motorbike, the beautiful beaches, the hodge podge of religious outfits and prayers but mostly I miss the simple living that lack requires of you and the peace of mind that comes along with doing something good. Blah blah blah….here are a few photos of it all. xoxo tlocal bike shop.howareyouuu…street shops on the way to Tsavo Mombasa at night.Day at the beach.til next time.

what I miss the most….xoxo t


2 thoughts on “Jambo Kenya

  1. Hey Tricia,

    A great blog, it’s so good to see all your photos and the video and your thoughts. I hope you had a safe journey back and everything is going well. How does it feel to be somewhere cold?? Hope you’re well.

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