Christmas Karma…

Highlands bowl wind blown with bomb holes isn’t a bad way to spend Christmas eve…

For the past few years I’ve been a very bad daughter/sister/auntie and have decided not to go home for the holidays….it’s not that I’m all humbug and stuff or that I don’t love my fabulous family, it’s just that I believe in a white Christmas full of wintery things; shredding, sledding, cross country skiing and having a legitimate reason to warm yourself by the fire ….and well, Connecticut doesn’t usually have that going on (not to mention the “merry effing Christmas” spirit of holiday travel).

Of course this year the tables have turned and Aspen is mousy brown with the usual fat, fluffy, flakes few and far between while the east coast is on lock down due to a few feet of freshies…maybe it’s karma. Although if bad karma means spending another Christmas in Aspen with my adoptive family of friends, shredding, sledding, cross country skiing and all that minus a few extra feet of white stuff than karma ain’t such a bitch after all… Sunset sledingChris and Seamus prior to sled ejection

While we’re on the subject of karma and in the season of giving, here are a few organizations that might increase your karma with a few easy clicks. Precious Vision Center is the school I volunteered at in Kenya and $10 goes a long way in those parts so if you’re feeling generous it’s easy to support the awesomeness that goes on there just click HERE. And if you feel like dropping in on something a little closer to home, Stoked Mentoring, is an amazing organization that runs after school programs for at-risk kids teaching them goal setting, team work, leadership and life skills through snowboarding and skateboarding (imagine that). Steve and Sal are always up to new stuff so help ’em out if your feeling festive…

Kota feeling festive and karmically clear.

happy holidays… xoxo t

3 thoughts on “Christmas Karma…

  1. Miss T – Happy Holidays to you too! I certainly received a “deja vu” chuckle when reading your blog this morning sitting in the “860” with all of my gear in the “603”. Hope you and your adopted family have a great time ringing in 2011. Janice

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