A Year In Review…

let’s count it down, pop it off and call it a year…365 days of the same shit is about all I can handle so hopefully when the clock strikes midnight and a new decade begins things will feel different in that magical passing of time sort of way. Alright, I mean, as much as I believe in magic and love acknowledging the passing of time with nostalgic misty eyes, New Years Eve has always put me in a bit of a pinch. It’s one of those anticlimactic holidays where you stand around in a room full of tipsy, if not out right hammered people, counting down the end of time and when the ball drops and the moment is over you’re still standing around in a room full of those same people feeling like…”well, that was awkward” nothing happened, except maybe an awkward kiss from some random mustached man you never intended to kiss in the first place. I’ve said too much. All I know is that I have a list of resolutions to compile and a years full of amazing memories to ponder over between now and midnight so that come tomorrow I’ll be ready for the magic and mayhem of 2011. Happy New Year!! May it be full of  magic and peace and ponies and rainbows and stuff….xoxo t

In case you wanted a real year in review here are some snazzy vids of life in 2010…

and for the newsy sorts…

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