Vision Questing…

Visions of Grandeur……

Sometimes I’m amazed at how much my life resembles some pathetic middle aged, Oprah loving, self help book reading, perfect body searching woman’s life. I mean I am most definitely all those things, I love Oprah and have enjoyed an Eckhart Tolle book now and again and most recently found myself excited about my friend Anna’s vision board making party. That was of course until I started sifting through beauty, fashion and celebrity rags looking for images that would inspire me to achieve the greatness I am destined to achieve in this new year…gag. In fact, the more I pawed through magazines the more I was reminded of the fem studies class I took in college and how effed up the world we depict in our favorite zines is, along with the sad reality that we love to mock aging movie stars and rock stars…..see below.Sir Elton Gawd….this one’s for Andy.

Anyway, I did manage to string together a vision board and if all goes accordingly, I’ll be traveling to warm exotic places, dating a man who is part ryan gosling part conor oberst(and quite possibly gay if these things work in the literal sense), working with conan o’brien and have six pack abs, oh yeah and a stack of cash….wish me luck.

PS. None of this snarkyness if any reflection of our hostess, the lovely stylist, Miss Anna Bugge, who makes a mean chili and manages to turn her vision boards into reality or the party which I am already looking forward to attending with all my new manifestations listed above….

4 thoughts on “Vision Questing…

  1. I want to play vision boards with you….and I want to play photography/stylist with Anna! Great work Anna.
    Tricia…come to Thailand with me next month with your Ryan Conor man – HA!

  2. Mine is also covered in abs. And swans. And a giant magic bottle that says 40 winks, because all I want for my 30s is more sleep.

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