The X Life

Okay, alright I’ve given reality TV’s latest train wreck a solid viewing and well, I just don’t know. I mean, yes, VH1’s X Life, is reality TV, so a depiction of “real” life in any of it’s forms, X games or otherwise would probably be about as enticing as watching Bob Ross paint another happy tree; I also understand that the definition of “good tv” roughly translates to filming “bad humans” doing made for TV douch baggery. It’s just that there’s a part of me that feels like people in action sports could actually be entertaining, and god forbid inspiring, without the raging alcoholic dirt bag moments and stupid hot chick bitchfests/cry cam incidents. Admittedly, I don’t know the BMX, FMX or Skate vert scenes too intimately but I’ve spent plenty of time living the X life on the winter side of things and have yet to encounter any portion of the drama the first three episodes of The X Life have depicted. Then again, most of the winter athletes are 18-20 without children of their own and it’s way too cold to dress in stilettos and half shirts. I understand the reality TV model and have definitely enjoyed more than my fair share of mocking people who expose the worst of themselves on television (You’re Cut Off aka “Princess Rehab” held me and my darkside captive for way too long) it’s just that I have high hopes (potentially delusional) about the people in our sports, especially the women. Not to get all women’s lib on you and shit but there are actual women who do all of these sports and I just cannot comprehend the latching onto your boyfriend/baby daddy and following them around waiting for them to marry you/pay for your retail therapy sunglasses because you’ve had a bad day of walking designer dogs around the block, it sounds good and all but don’t people actually want to do something with their lives. Once again I’ve over shared in our circle of trust, but last nights episode of The X Life with it’s over produced girl drama and nothing X about it except maybe the slutty Halloween costumes reminded me that the action sports community is no longer an innovative, rebellious, anti-establishment crew of creative expression, we’re just the average American manufactured shit show designed to be made fun of and exploited by Hollywood types.

Kisses xoxox tricia


One thought on “The X Life

  1. Well said. I have watched only one and was discusted by the “wives”. When one of them was asked what she did for a living she all but had a stroke. “what do you mean what do I do?! I get him where he needs to be” ect ect. I am pretty sure that that would be less fufilling being my husbands secretery and wife-ager, to finding my own career or hobbies. Another thing I cant stand about these (for lack of a better term) “pro-hos” is they feel they have to constantly remind us that they fell head over hells in love “way before they were famous.” I have been around many famous atletes and musicians to know that that is BS.
    On a dif note hope to see you in town during xgames! Last year was a blast!

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