It’s showtime….Winter X 15

Ellery gets TV ready…

Get ready to snap into a slim Jim, crack open some monster/red bull/liquid crack and kick back the lazy boy for some primetime X Games action…that’s right, it’s time to get X-treme. Winter X 15 is right around the corner and small town Aspen has already been transformed into X Games central; zillion dollar homes are now crash pads for over privileged dirt bags (all of whom I love), the quaint western streets are lined with sponsor wrapped RVs and every shred shop, gas station and restaurant is plastered with the faces of your favorite shredders… all for the love of TV. Now I personally don’t own a TV, that shit rots your brain, but this is by far my favorite week of television, well, right after shark week and that one week I watched all four seasons of True Blood in one sitting. But still, X Games is some pretty compelling stuff and when the cameras start rolling our above average shredders transform into X games heroes and heroines and push the level of snowboarding in ways that just didn’t seem possible and if TV brings that out, well then I guess a little brain rot never hurt anyone. Anyway, all the peeps have flown in, the pipe’s perfect and that electric X games buzz is already in the air so yeah, it’s time to get X-treme…..

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