Winter X 15….lights out.

It takes weeks and months to set up and hype up and just like that it’s over, the X Games circus leaves town. No more mega mo, no more wing dinga dinga of snowmobiles buzzing back and forth, no more back to back to back parties or days spent lapping buttermilk with all your friends. No more over stimulated zombies staggering around Aspen looking for parties and free shit, no more double this and triple that and no more fun. Not that I could handle one more minute of X Games fun, it’s been two days since the lights went out on X and I’m still wondering who I am…’s a collection of favorite moments of X and if you want the real blow by blow of awesomess you can check out my blogs from espnW with correct grammar and all.

el, kell & E….

another background shot for janksy…..rock means go.woop woop…top of the pipe nerdfest….in 3-D. Gretch, Kenny, Foley, Kelly, Stuie, Random, Me & Liesl in matching outfits….awh how cute, Susie, Kaitlyn & Elena.Olympic rings and X Games gold….Kelly Clark makes a little more history for the record books.The Crowd goes wild…..for Shaun White or free stuff, never can tell.just another Aspen D-bag….oh wait that’s Todd Richards apres-ing in a fur rug.Frends watching Frends….Scotty Lago and Danny Davis watching Squid in prelims.mega mo and me.scotty’s new grill…

atta boys…see ya next x.


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