In a new years attempt to simplify my life, I’ve decided to clear the clutter and get rid of all those things that have made my house/closet/storage unit their home for reasons I can’t quite remember. An out with the old and in with the new sort of thing; a clearing of all that new agey space around my aura or some shit like that. Anyway, in the process of declutterizing my life, I’ve uncovered a few gems and sadly realized I’m a bit of a hoarder. Aside from the average American hoarders collection of year books, photos and letters, I have every bib from every event I competed in for 20 years of shredding, and every credential too. Which amounts to a whole bunch of stuff that’s cool to have but no one really wants to look at, myself included. I also have a pretty stellar collection of vintage snowboards, 7inch hardcore albums(both Doug inheritances) and some insane Michael Jackson trading cards( see above) but hands down the coolest thing I uncovered were a few of my black books. LV before he was all tiny dancer and stuff…

No, not that kind…..a few years back I made everyone I knew or encountered fill out these black sketch pads with the same boring ass questions (likes, dislikes, movies, what you want to be remembered for, etc) along side a ghetto Polaroid snapshot. At the time, they we fun, funny, clever and whatever; a taste of what we were into and what we thought was cool/lame. Now, looking back, the books show how far we’ve come or how much we’re the same and in more cases then I can even believe, they’ve managed to immortalize a few of our departed favs.  This was written shortly before Jeffy died and, well, he pretty much says it all…

On a lighter note, our little slice of awesomeness Hannah Teter is pretty much the same, only blonder.

So, maybe being a hoarder isn’t such a bad thing after all and next time your at my house let’s flip through my black books, play old school hardcore and figure out what we want to be remembered for…. xoxo t

7 thoughts on “Vintage

  1. It’s the facebook before facebook! ZuckerGod owes you some dough or at least credit!

    Do you still have all of your ribbons from swimming too? I think i do, including the pluggers cup (didn’t you win that too?).

    Here’s what you do with all those bibs and creds and stuff. You get some ModPodge and you glue them to the trim boards around your doors and windows. I did that in my new studio with old travel stubs and passport pages and i love it. If i ever move (never) i’ll rip the trim boards out and take them with me.

    and ps – i think we might have traded some MJ cards.

  2. Haha- I can relate to everything you said! Funny thing is …. I still have all my wrestling trophies!?!? Very well written & it brought back some great memories.

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