Time Warp….Baker Banked Slalom

Terje continues to make the banked slalom legendary….

So, today was my first real Mt. Baker Banked Slalom experience, which is kind of weird to say a) because I’m in complete disbelief that in all my years snowboarding I’ve never managed to make it here and b) because it feels like every contest I entered in my first five years of snowboarding, only way cooler and with banks. It’s kind of like going to back in some sort of shredding time warp machine to a long lost planet of shred with paper bibs, duct tape, organized chaos, schedules that don’t mean shit, comradery, healthy competitiveness, no prize money and a sense that we’re all in it together. It’s not that people aren’t in it to win it, they are, but not in that over the top all about me sort of way that we’ve grown accustomed to in this sport. Everyone is standing around in the puking snow scraping boards, sharing stories, talking smack and taking laps and putting it all on the line for a roll of duct tape and some bragging rights amongst friends. Anyway, I’m impressed and inspired and it’s only just begun. Check out a few snaps from day 1…Danny Davis doesn’t do the Dew…..Duct Tape station….

Gretchen gets all banky and stuff.

Greenwood in the turny section..yrinse and repeat…..ricky gets on the kitchen wax

2 thoughts on “Time Warp….Baker Banked Slalom

  1. Tricia\
    HI! Maybe you could get some shots of the locals here at Mt. Baker.
    Jason Loeb, Jason Basarich, Maria Debari and Lucas Debari.
    Did you get a chance to visit the Mt. Baker Snowboad Shop and meet Bobbie Dobis. There is a bit of history about Mt. Baker you could learn from these people. Hopefully you will be able to experience the mountain like you live here.

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