Something cool…

Holga….so artsy.

Delayed gratification, an old world idea that’s been fun to revisit in the form of Gretchen’s brand spankin new signature Holga cameras. She’s teamed up with Holga, the masters medium format camera artsiness and is launching her very own line of delayed gratification cameras (aka film) this April. We’ve been snapping all sorts of artsy/shitty shots with these babies for the last few months all of which I’d share with you if they weren’t still sitting in an non digital friendly pile. Go on and get yerself one and remember what it’s like to wait for something cool to develop. GB’s Holga.

For instant gratification the old fashion way, I bought one of those old school Polaroid i-zone cameras that take 1inch Polaroids with the majority of what you were aiming at cut out of the frame. Cool, right? Well, kinda….it makes for some expensive shitty shots of people without foreheads and chins and such. But since I’m resurrecting my little black books this toy will come in handy.
Clarko dropping…holga photo courtesy of the lovely miss floros.

My partner in crime at the top of the pipe, Susie Floros, who also happens to be a real photographer and one that has apparently mastered the medium format craftiness, has an amazing collection of Holga and Hasselblad shots on her tumblr site. So check it out and get inspired to get artsy the old fashion way this season. Happy Shooting….xoxo t

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