I LoVermont….

I know, I know….it’s gray and cold and icy and completely unpredictable. There’s a better chance of rain than snow and ice storms are a part of every season. It’s got frost heaves and pot holes that put any rally car track to shame and cell service is almost non-existent. But I don’t care I love it all the same. Vermont makes gray feel like it’s vintage and cool and makes you stand in awe of rain and ice as it bends the boughs of birches and maples to the ground like a stadium of trees preparing to do the wave. It’s gritty and dirty and raw and I’ll take Vermont anyway it comes….but for the sake of my jaded west coast shred friends I hope this weeks US Open is sunny and soft and sick and unicorns poop little pots of gold. Either way, I’m stoked to be here.

I’ll be talking shred on the webcast on www.opensnowboarding.com all weekend if watching shred is what you’re into you should check it out. xoxo t

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